Today’s Favorite Creative Inspiration

Gravitational Waves, block print and watercolor, Tracy Gillespie March 2016

We all need a creative boost now and then. The cold, gray skies, unwashed dishes and mass shootings get me down. I know (for me) the only sane response is to make some art. But sometimes it’s hard –I feel like I’m too busy, I’m not good enough, it’s too late, there’s too much *real* work to be done in the world. Whenever I need to short circuit my self-saboteur, I look to my toolkit of creative inspiration.

Today it’s Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Magic Lessons” podcast. I love podcasts because they are so portable—they can turn the most mundane or unpleasant tasks (like cleaning out the chicken coop) into something inspirational. Gilbert’s new book, Big Magic, is all about the spiritual aspect of creativity and is itself a great read—when she was finished writing it she decided to continue her work by interviewing people about their creative challenges, offering coaching, and bringing in guest artists to give their advice.

Last week Gilbert interviewed author and social researcher Brene Brown about vulnerability, courage, and creativity. Brown has spent the past decade writing books about shame, resilience, and something she calls, “whole-hearted living.”

She said in the interview:

There are no such thing as non-creative people. There are just people who use their creativity and people who don’t—and unused creativity is not benign . . .

How about that?

Creativity is not the self-indulgent pursuit of a select few, it’s an essential part of everyone’s mental and spiritual health.

To hear more you can listen to the whole podcast interview here.

Now, be brave, dare greatly, and share your soul with the world today!


Published by printmakertracy

I am a printmaker living in Vermont. I print by hand with water-based inks on archival paper at my kitchen table. My work is inspired by my family, festivals and nature.

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