MMV #4 Chelsea Walton

Chelsea Walton: Non Commutative Algebra

Mathematicians Made Visible #4 is Chelsea Walton, an American mathematician who specializes in Non-Commutative Algebra. She was educated in Detroit public schools, and loved counting, patterns, and puzzles from a young age. In her advice to students of mathematics, she recommends cultivating a network of supportive mentors, colleagues, and friends as essential to combating discouragement. She was named a Sloan fellow in 2017, and was the first woman awarded the André Lichnerowicz Prize in Poisson geometry in 2018. She currently researches and teaches at Rice University.

While I was working on this print, I listened to this lecture on Non-Commutative Algebra. I can’t claim to have understood everything, but I still found it very interesting and informative!


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