Mathematics and Sustainability

I just finished teaching a three week class on mathematics and sustainability. It was this amazing experience where I felt fully integrated: math, art, environmentalism—all these different parts of me were all there. Here are some samples of my students’ work.

The Beauty of Swiss Chard

It’s High Summer and there’s been a lot of time for both art and math (and less time for being online!) These are two versions of a recently completed Swiss Chard print, before and after adding watercolor. I’m finding lots of inspiration in our CSA this summer from Sweetland Farm.


Summer Solstice: Creativity, Integrity, and Gratitude

  Happy Summer! I’m so pleased with how my apple blossom block print turned out–and excited to report that my next print is well on its way. Since the Solstice marks the midway point through the year, it’s a great time to re-visit the goals I set for myself last winter. In this I getContinue reading “Summer Solstice: Creativity, Integrity, and Gratitude”